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RepIDs requested over the telephone

Changes to authorization validation for representatives over the telephone

In order to share confidential taxpayer information over the telephone with a representative, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) validates that the person receiving this information is authorized on the taxpayer’s account. Therefore, as of January 2021, all representatives (including any employees) that are associated to a firm, business or group, must provide their RepID when calling the CRA on behalf of a client, and those RepIDs must be associated to the business or employer. This new procedure supports the Agency’s mandate to safeguard the security of confidential taxpayer information by allowing our agents to verify that the caller is associated to an authorized representative (e.g., an accounting firm) on the taxpayer’s account.


This change does not require that a new authorization request be signed and submitted by a taxpayer. The person with administrative rights on the firm’s account (BN) or the GroupID can associate any new RepIDs to the BN or GroupID, as needed.


Anyone needing to register for a RepID may go to

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